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Parents of Infantry Boots at Ft. Benning

Posted by armyinfantrymom2011 at 5:54 PM 9/11/11

I would like to find some other parents with their child heading to boot camp Nov 1 2011?
Categories: Active Duty

brendalee1213 2:06 AM 9/16/11

My son just got there this tue the 13th

Monica70 12:08 PM 11/3/11

My son left for boot camp on 10/31

dclee4 9:29 PM 11/6/11

My son just got there Monday, I'm so excited for him, Scared too.....Infantry :*|

ProudColoradoMom 4:37 PM 1/19/12

My son will arrive at Ft. Benning on January 24th to begin bootcamp followed by airborne school. Does anyone know when this type of graduation will take place?

dclee4 1:01 AM 1/25/12

Are there any moms from the Tri City area in Michigan?

macll 4:11 AM 1/31/12

My son started bootcamp today at Ft. Benning does anybody know how long it last? Do they go thru AIT during bootcamp or is that after?

joshmom17 5:16 AM 2/17/12

My son left for bootcamp Feb 7. dclee4 am from Tri City Michigan. Fron i understand bootcamp is for 9 weeks.

28890478 8:59 PM 2/21/12

My son is due to leave Seattle area in the next day or so and be at Ft. Benning soon.

dclee4 11:28 PM 2/21/12

It seems like it has been long, but its only been since Nov., but my son graduates boot camp YEAH!!! I leave for Ft. Benning on the 28th of this month to watch my son graduate on March 2nd.

icugoldengirl 12:24 AM 2/27/12

My son just arrived at Ft.Benning this week. Any other new moms ?

2589002 12:16 AM 3/8/12

My son left March 5th for Ft. Benning

28980187 3:03 AM 3/12/12

My son is graduating in April. I don't have the date so I can book a flight. Does anyone know where I can get this info. so I can find out times, accommodations etc.

forksfan 1:29 AM 4/5/12

YES to the new mom question - My son left 03-19-12. Started bootcamp 03-30-12. Does anyone have info on family weekend (day?) or graduation and what to expect? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!!!

icugoldengirl 6:17 PM 4/7/12

go to the fort benning website. tons of information. also you can facebook black hawk bravo, that is the fb page of the B150, there is information there. hope this helps.

forksfan 2:10 PM 4/15/12

Thanks appreciate it- just received the packet in the mail. It answered a few questions.

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